FERA Lions Group

Fera is proud to announce the newest opportunity for FERA holders: the FERA Lions group!

Access to the group is regulated by the collab.land bot, which will check the total amount of your tokens directly connecting to your Metamask account.
Beware: if your total balance will be inferior to 200.000 tokens or you will sell some of them decreasing in this way the minumum amount of FERA tokens, you will be automatically expelled from the group.


Both users and members of the FERA Beast…

FERA is happy to announce a strategic partnership with the Memeunity team! Memeunity is a newborn project and it’s basically the first meme platform designed for social interaction.
It aims at creating and sharing a totally different and innovative approach towards social medias. The Interactive Media, as the Memeunity team calls it, enables to directly interact with the platform itself, giving you the possibility to set your focus on your own account’s progress and your meme rewards. Thanks to this project you won’t have to really interact with people; you will directly communicate with the platform itself.

Moreover, Memeunity focuses…

FERA Beasts group

We have always wanted to connect all the buyers and believers of FERA, so we opened a private group for big holders (requirement to join is holding 1M FERA tokens), the Beasts group.
There, you can discuss about the future of FERA, propose new interesting low-caps and ask about your positions’ entry/exit prices.
The group is really active (50/300 messages per day) and includes experienced traders, novices, developers and, of course, members of the FERA team, ready to quickly answer any question.

Exclusive calls and profits hunting are just some of the activities carried by this special community: Beasts will…

FERA Strategies have committed +1000 USDT to celebrate the opening of the FERA Governance. Learn more here.

The Competition

Users will be able to submit their proposals daily (this means a single wallet can submit only one token request per day, not more). After proposals have been approved, they will be shown on the Governance page.

Users will then vote each proposal (from 1 to 5) and at the end of the competition, the wallet that submitted the most upvoted token will win.

FERA has been listed on Zeedex Exchange on December, 24, 2020. After some simple steps, you will be able to trade the token on Zeedex using Metamask, an external support (Ledger) or WalletConnect.

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Be sure to have funds on your wallet, connect your wallet using the top-right button and sign the confirmation.

Step 2: Enable tokens

In order to trade FERA, go to the bottom right of the page and click on the white button as shown in the picture below.

FERA enabling trading button
FERA enabling trading button

When you’re done, sign and confirm the transaction via Metamask (or Ledger), wait for the confirmation and you are done.

Do not forget…

FERA Strategies Governance section preview

Governance section

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the FERA platform. Our new governance section will enable our community to collaborate in choosing the best tokens in the ecosystem.
You can join the panel by clicking on the Metamask icon in the top right corner of the platform page. Here you can also track the voting process and see new tokens added to the list.

— Please note that in order to be able to submit a proposal and vote, you need to hold at least 100,000 FERA tokens in your wallet —

Each token displayed will include its…

FERA is proud to announce our new, updated and revamped Whitepaper version 2.0. We’ve revealed more information about all the plans we have including:

  • The Paragon Plan
  • The new Panopticon Platform
  • Our token burning plans

Let’s take a brief glance at them one by one, for full information, especially on The Paragon Plan, please see the whitepaper itself.

The Paragon Plan: Analysis Redefined

As detailed in last week’s reveal, our hidden gem analysis will give you a comprehensive rundown of the most promising projects. …

DEXTools: Power to Traders

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last several weeks you’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz surrounding the awesome tech with which DEXTools equips users. DEXTools is a state-of-art platform that specialises in analytics for IDEX and Uniswap, which until very recently lacked such resources. With the current DeFi craze, DEXTools has become an essential tool for traders that are using Uniswap to trade DeFi tokens.

is a term used to describe both high quality gemstones and a measure of excellence. What better word then to name our premier report on cryptocurrency “hidden gems” to our investors? Our exclusive guide will aid you in navigating the at times treacherous world of cryptocurrencies. Our plans come in three formats, let’s take a look at what each of them offer.

The Paragon Essential Plan: 15,000 FERA (~$25)

Our indispensable report will provide you with everything you need to make smarter investments in crypto. Compiled from three years of research and analysis of the market, this will include comprehensive coverage of all the relevant information…

Calling all creative ! The team are excited to announce a community contest to design a new logo for FERA!
We want a look that’s bold, memorable and which embodies our vision as an innovative blockchain startup.
We’re open to ideas from across the board but remember to use the colours which match our brand. We’ll be rewarding the winners for their hard work and ingenuity with a series of prizes:

Winners will be chosen by you, our community, by a voting process on Twitter…

FERA Strategies

FERA provides customized trading strategies for crypto traders focusing on microcaps and highly-speculative assets.

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