Exclusive Reveal: Introducing FERA’s Paragon Plan

The Paragon Essential Plan: 15,000 FERA (~$25)

Our indispensable report will provide you with everything you need to make smarter investments in crypto. Compiled from three years of research and analysis of the market, this will include comprehensive coverage of all the relevant information needed to make informed investments. This information will be condensed into our Gem Value Rating, allowing readers to key details and a summary of our findings. Because we are all hunting for hidden gems, we thought it apt to name each rating after known gems, relating from 1 as the lowest value to 5 at the highest.

The Paragon Premium Plan 35,000 FERA (~$60)

This enhanced report will not only provide a more in depth look at tokens, it will also include a consultation service from the FERA team regarding portfolio management, entry and exit points for tokens and forecasts for price action.

A Free Trial of The Paragon Essential Plan for Our Investors!



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