Exclusive Reveal: Introducing FERA’s Paragon Plan

Paragon is a term used to describe both high quality gemstones and a measure of excellence. What better word then to name our premier report on cryptocurrency “hidden gems” to our investors? Our exclusive guide will aid you in navigating the at times treacherous world of cryptocurrencies. Our plans come in three formats, let’s take a look at what each of them offer.

The Paragon Essential Plan: 15,000 FERA (~$25)

Our indispensable report will provide you with everything you need to make smarter investments in crypto. Compiled from three years of research and analysis of the market, this will include comprehensive coverage of all the relevant information needed to make informed investments. This information will be condensed into our Gem Value Rating, allowing readers to key details and a summary of our findings. Because we are all hunting for hidden gems, we thought it apt to name each rating after known gems, relating from 1 as the lowest value to 5 at the highest.

1 — Pyrite Rating: Pyrite is a mineral known as “fool’s gold”, which means that it is not a gem at all. This will apply to projects which contain a series of red flags such as issues and bugs on the website, total absence of product and opaque development processes. Whilst the majority of our work will of course focus on the true gems, we will from time to time update investors with a warning for suspicious coins which have been trending.

2 — Spinel Rating: This is for coins which, whilst not as likely to be outright scams, we deem to be unlikely to deliver good ROIs in the long-term. This may be due to a generic product, a dubious team or troubling tokenomics. We suggest people exercise caution when investing in such coins.

3 — Ruby Rating: This is when things start to look more positive. This category of gem will be applied to projects, which, though not revolutionary, can demonstrate sound fundamentals, an interesting concept and a promising roadmap.

4 — Sapphire Rating: This rating will classify projects which we deem to have multiple promising elements, such a great idea, excellent strategic plan and a effectively implemented roadmap with a product that is due to be released. These are the projects we recommend you add to your watchlist.

5 — Diamond Rating: The highest rating possible. We will award this rating to a select few which demonstrate outstanding innovation, an exceptional working product which is either already available or soon to be released. We expect to see a highly qualified team, great community engagement and a true vision for the future. We of course urge you to DYOR on these tokens but they are well worth your consideration.

This is just a taste of what’s to come, the report will incorporate numerous sources of data including TA, cryptocurrency exchange reviews, historical evidence of price action, side-by-side comparisons of projects similar in concept or tokenomics and more.

But what if you would like access to a personal consultation from one of our experts, even greater detailed analysis and involvement in our private communities? Well then we introduce The Paragon Premium Plan.

The Paragon Premium Plan 35,000 FERA (~$60)

This enhanced report will not only provide a more in depth look at tokens, it will also include a consultation service from the FERA team regarding portfolio management, entry and exit points for tokens and forecasts for price action.

Furthermore it will grant you access to our private group chat where hidden gem enthusiasts can exchange ideas, collaborate on research initiatives and share ideas in order to collectively profit from the huge opportunities hidden within the market.

A Free Trial of The Paragon Essential Plan for Our Investors!

We initially expected our service to be live from September 1st 2020, but unfortunately its launch has been briefly delayed due to the sheer workload which the team has taken on. To compensate investors for this, and to reward their trust by offering free access to a trail of The Paragon Plan for everybody to sample our service. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

That’s it for our first update, stay tuned for more exciting news very soon!

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