📢FERA for BOMB: together against inflation

FERA Strategies partnered with BOMB Token

nflation nowadays is the scariest, still underestimated issue in our modern society. Due to the economic conditions and difficulties caused by Covid-19, printing money is necessary to avoid a huge economic collapse.

An excessive and uncontrolled input of money into circulation is not healthy for the global lifestyle, causing an increase of market prices and poverty persistence in some areas of the world.

The crypto market has always been very open to new discoveries: that is why, about one year ago, people started talking about deflationary coins and how those could offer a valid opportunity against inflation.


Bomb Token, created by Zachary Dash (also Founder of XIO Network) was the first deflationary token to go mainstream: after the huge success, hundreds of copycats were created.
There were originally 1.000.000 BOMB, the world’s first self-destructing currency, distributed via airdrop.

On January 15th, we launched one million BOMB into the digital abyss known as the blockchain. The rules of the currency were simple:

- Only 1,000,000 BOMB would be created.

- Each time the BOMB is transferred, 1% is destroyed

- There would never be a newly created BOMB.

In this article, dated 19 February 2019, you can read how BOMB Token started to arouse the attention and one month later, BOMB was literally everywhere, starting the “deflationary tokens” trending.

oday BOMB is a community-driven project and almost 1/10 of the total supply has been destroyed forever. FERA believes the long term potential of BOMB is huge: although price is strictly depending on the crypto market conditions, the concept behind BOMB is great and should be adapted globally to prevent an unfair and bad usage of money.


Can a single post draw the attention of the entire crypto world? This is our challenge.

The buyback campaign is simple:

For every 3 likes the post receives, 1 BOMB will be rebought, the campaign ends on September, 17, 2020.

We have decided to rebuy tokens on Uniswap v2 for a fairier tokens distribution: please note Uniswap holds the Wrapped version of BOMB, which is WBOMB. For more infos about BOMB and WBOMB please read this Medium article.

Here is some useful links:

Staking/Wrapping Tutorial: https://medium.com/@Block94/step-by-step-guide-on-unibomb-wbomb-dapp-by-bomb-token-2c503eaf5c6b?sk=e75f71ab17f0e605dc885cab2c5408a5

Trading WBOMB Uniswap v2: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xbbb38be7c6d954320c0297c06ab3265a950cdf89


  • Each week, ETH needed to rebuy the tokens will be transferred to this address: 0x017b90d6b15095f37781a55897ee3277c2597b8c
  • The buyback plan will last 1 week and WBOMB will be bought in 3 different batches.

Retweet, like and retweet again.
31 days from today.

Let’s have fun.

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