FERA Platform development: holding plan and latest updates

We have always wanted to connect all the buyers and believers of FERA, so we opened a private group for big holders (requirement to join is holding 1M FERA tokens), the Beasts group.
There, you can discuss about the future of FERA, propose new interesting low-caps and ask about your positions’ entry/exit prices.
The group is really active (50/300 messages per day) and includes experienced traders, novices, developers and, of course, members of the FERA team, ready to quickly answer any question.

Access to the platform

The access to the platform will be granted, contrary to what previously stated in the Whitepaper, following a holding model. You will need to hold a certain amount of FERA tokens in order to interact with the platform and with reviews/ratings. We changed the payment plan, as we believe our users would benefit more from the system: in this way, we are safeguarding their trading needs and, most importantly, we are making the entire process easier, without wasting money for transaction fees.

What can I find on the platform?

The platform is a database of low-cap projects: once you meet the requirements to access the Premium plan, you will be able to check the ratings of all the listed projects. You will also be able to unlock the dedicate review page for each project: details such as social links, entry/exit prices, ROI from our suggested entry price, will enhance your vision of the project.

Preview of how a separate review page looks like
Preview of how a separate review page looks like

What about further updates?

We, at FERA (supported by the Beasts group), will continue making reviews, developing the platform and looking for new partnership/opportunities.

FERA provides customized trading strategies for crypto traders focusing on microcaps and highly-speculative assets.