FERA Platform v1.1 (BETA) — Governance section and Token analysis

Governance section

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the FERA platform. Our new governance section will enable our community to collaborate in choosing the best tokens in the ecosystem.
You can join the panel by clicking on the Metamask icon in the top right corner of the platform page. Here you can also track the voting process and see new tokens added to the list.

— Please note that in order to be able to submit a proposal and vote, you need to hold at least 100,000 FERA tokens in your wallet —

Each token displayed will include its correct contact and link to an active exchange. Under the “voice” rating you will find the average score from all vote with the number of unique wallets that have voted.
Each wallet holding at least 100K tokens will be able to vote once per token. Votes cannot be change once cast, so vote wisely!

The voting procedure is simple: you can choose a number (from 1 to 5) that will determine your sentiment about the project. Please use this list as reference:

1- Bad project, possible scam, low responsiveness, probably without a future

2- Badly executed idea but with potential, team and/or community are not particularly involved

3- Good project with potential, responsive team, many possibilities to improve further

4- Very good project, transparent team, an active users base with a working product

5- High-quality project, very reliable team, excellent funds management, growing users base and a fully working product

Submit a proposal

When submitting your own proposal, ensure that you add the token contract, its ticker and the name of the project. It’s also important that you link an active exchange to prevent users from requesting nonexistent or untradeable tokens. After you have selected the URL for the logo and are finished entering its details, confirm your submission and wait for the FERA Team to review it. Please allow the team up to 24 hours to complete this process.

Token analysis

* This image does not reflect the final version of this page *

The token analysis page is the principal service offered by FERA to assist our community in making smarter investment decisions. It will include comprehensive coverage of all aspects of each token, including team competency, product outlook and risk metrics.

Each review will also include an ideal entry and exit price to help the user understand their risk and position management. These figures are calculated from independently by our experienced team and not based upon predictions made in P&D groups or by influencers.

Further information is due to be added to each token including articles, interviews and videos, streamlining the research process for FERA token holders.

Changes regarding the Premium Plan

At the time of writing, The Premium Plan is obtained simply by holding 100K FERA tokens in your wallet.

Given the considerable amount of work needed to conduct our research and prepare reviews we plan to transition The Premium Plan to a monthly subscription, as outlined in our Whitepaper.
The fees from subscriptions (equivalent to 0.07ETH or $40 monthly) will be used to rebuy and burn FERA tokens from Uniswap, creating a sustained reduction in the circulating supply and supporting price stability and tokenomics.

We will update the community periodically about this change but expect it to take place from January 2021.



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