FERA team presents:

FERA Lions Group

Fera is proud to announce the newest opportunity for FERA holders: the FERA Lions group!

This new telegram group is dedicated to those FERA holders who own more than 200.000 tokens.

Access to the group is regulated by the collab.land bot, which will check the total amount of your tokens directly connecting to your Metamask account.
Beware: if your total balance will be inferior to 200.000 tokens or you will sell some of them decreasing in this way the minumum amount of FERA tokens, you will be automatically expelled from the group.


Both users and members of the FERA Beast group (those who own more than 1.000.000 FERA tokens) will be part of this new telegram channel, as well as members of the FERA team that will be at your disposal for any doubt, question or problem.
The Lions group will be dedicated to new projects: you will have the possibility to discuss and exchange views and ideas on your favourite projects and drafts, in addition to promoting your preferred ones.
Moreover, also live AMAs on the newest additions to the FERA platform will be held, in order to better get in touch with the vision of the various crypto teams.

Furthermore, we would like to stress the fact that any ideas, suggestion or recommendation for the FERA team will be welcomed, as we want to improve our services and assistance. For this reason, you are kindly asked to tag the FERA team in the comments and leave your ideas or advices. We, as a team, believe in the strong and active role of the community, as it forms integral part of our squad.

The Lions group will be way more active than the FERA Strategies one, as we assume that a closed group could allow its members to better interact with one another, rather than in the main one, where often scams and frauds appear.

We sincerely hope you will join us in this adventure!


Do not hesitate to ask us anything in the Telegram Chat. Good luck!



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