🔔 FERA x DEXTools: rating at its best

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last several weeks you’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz surrounding the awesome tech with which DEXTools equips users. DEXTools is a state-of-art platform that specialises in analytics for IDEX and Uniswap, which until very recently lacked such resources. With the current DeFi craze, DEXTools has become an essential tool for traders that are using Uniswap to trade DeFi tokens.

By aggregating all DEX and CEX exchange data, users can have optimise their research and exploration of the latest assets on the market. A free service exists for all traders, but for those who prefer a more in depth and up to date experience DEXTools utilises their native token DEXT to enable investors to access the full platform functionality. (source here)

Combining Automation With Innovation
DEXTools comes with a rating but this is an automated process which is produced by a series of bots and algorithms. With this partnership, FERA intends to enhance the evaluation process by adding the knowledge and expertise of real vetern traders to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the rated project.

Crypto is all about working together, sharing resources and building communities. We believe combining an efficient and quick general rating with an accurate and attentive analysis will empower potential investors to make more informed, smarter trading decisions.

Tech and Knowledge at Your Fingertips
Uniswap has rapidly become the go-to DEX for trading newly listed tokens. As a result many of the gems which FERA identifies as Diamond or Sapphire rated will be available on this DEX, particularly if it has only been recently listed.

For each gem that is listed in our Paragon Reports and is traded on Uniswap a link to its dedicated DexTools page will be provided so users can conveniently access its latest metric. By combining the service that both FERA and DEXT provide, subscribers will have the best tools at their fingertips to make wiser investments like professionals.

More to Come
FERA are delighted to be working alongside a renowned brand such as DEXTools. Moving forward, we are excited at the possibility that DEXTools services may implement FERA’s Gem Value Rating as an alternative means of comparison and analysis.

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