Governance Section Opening Contest Details

FERA Strategies have committed +1000 USDT to celebrate the opening of the FERA Governance. Learn more here.

Competition period: 2021/1/2 8:00 AM to 2021/1/6 11:59 PM (UTC)

The Competition

Users will be able to submit their proposals daily (this means a single wallet can submit only one token request per day, not more). After proposals have been approved, they will be shown on the Governance page.

Users will then vote each proposal (from 1 to 5) and at the end of the competition, the wallet that submitted the most upvoted token will win. We have decided to award a prize to 7 users, and the reward structure is as follows:

Prizes will be sent directly to the winning wallets without contacting anyone. Please beware of scams/fake impersonators, especially on Telegram.


In order to join the competition you need to hold at least 100k FERA tokens on your wallet. You will be able to submit your request (then the team will have to admit your proposal) and vote (remember you can only vote once per token).
Remember: if you do not correctly fill all the fields/ add a project that does not meet the requirements, it might not be accepted into the Governance.

How do I participate?

Connect your Metamask here, enter the platform and click on the orange Metamask icon located on the top right corner of the page; then choose Governance.

Once you are in, click on the “Submit a proposal” button and fill all the requested fields, you can use ImgBB for submitting logos.

Terms & Conditions:

Do not hesitate to ask us anything in the Telegram Chat. Good luck!

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