How to trade FERA on Zeedex — Getting started

FERA has been listed on Zeedex Exchange on December, 24, 2020. After some simple steps, you will be able to trade the token on Zeedex using Metamask, an external support (Ledger) or WalletConnect.

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Be sure to have funds on your wallet, connect your wallet using the top-right button and sign the confirmation.

Step 2: Enable tokens

In order to trade FERA, go to the bottom right of the page and click on the white button as shown in the picture below.

FERA enabling trading button

When you’re done, sign and confirm the transaction via Metamask (or Ledger), wait for the confirmation and you are done.

Do not forget you will have to repeat the same procedure for USDT.

Step 3 (if you want to trade FERA/WETH): Wrap ETH

Go to the bottom right of the page (as you did for the Step) and look for “Wrap”.

Here you can Wrap Ethereum for Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). Simply choose the amount you want to wrap, click the “WRAP” blue button, sign and confirm the transaction and you are done, your WETH tokens should appear on your balance.

You are ready to trade! Feel free to ask us any questions on our Telegram group! Here you can find some useful links:

FERA Telegram:
ZEEDEX Telegram:

Etherscan Page: