Introducing FERA DAO Capital + September Update

As some of you may have noticed, we have founded FERA Dao Capital. The website is online under
How does this change the perspective of our FERA investment wallets? How are you finding presale allocations? How can I help the fund?

Why FERA Capital DAO

In April, FERA Beasts members (>1 M tokens holders, check this article for more info) decided to put together a DAO investment project destined to presales and private allocations, creating the FERA DAO group.
Additionally, the FERA Lions group (>200k tokens holders, check this article for more info) has been involved in the fund, giving the possibility for small holders to equally share this opportunity.

The FERA Capital DAO does not act like a single mutual fund with automatic distribution: in fact, FERA Lions & Beasts have the opportunity to decide whether to invest or not in new projects/presales/OTC deals, allowing them to then move their funds. This way we are trying to prevent losses due to sudden price fluctuations, giving traders and holders the possibility to join opportunities only when they are willing to do so.

On the FERA DAO website you can also find a team section: members who have committed their time to spot new opportunities or help evaluating existing ones are essential for a continuous support of the fund growth.
Anyone who is sufficiently committed and expert in projects evaluation can join the team or start helping the DAO. All the requests will be forwarded to the founder and the central team of FERA for a primary evaluation, then to the DAO for discussion and the final decision.

If you are a FERA supporter and you are willing to contribute to the DAO, shoot us a text message! We will be happy to listen to your suggestions.

Beasts and Lions

The FERA Beasts group did not give up on allocations: thanks to this new formula, members are likely to onboard more opportunities (even though funding smaller allocations) as the DAO receives recognition and attention.

As of now, the FERA DAO group has already contributed to more than 12 projects since the DAO fund has been fully live, such as UNIQLY, BASKETCOIN, ALLY, NODESEEDS, SYNCDAO, CONTINUUM and MONSOON among others. You’ll find the full list on our webpage At the time of writing this article, we already have >4 more presales in the pipeline.

In addition, the FERA Lions group often gets the opportunity to benefit from smaller allocations or batches from the FERA Beasts group.


Last but not least, as the markets are starting to look more favorable again, we’re also sharing new projects on our Platform again.
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Make sure not to miss any new addition!

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