Two’s a company: Platform, Plans and Tokenomics

FERA is proud to announce our new, updated and revamped Whitepaper version 2.0. We’ve revealed more information about all the plans we have including:

  • The Paragon Plan
  • The new Panopticon Platform
  • Our token burning plans

Let’s take a brief glance at them one by one, for full information, especially on The Paragon Plan, please see the whitepaper itself.

The Paragon Plan: Analysis Redefined

As detailed in last week’s reveal, our hidden gem analysis will give you a comprehensive rundown of the most promising projects. All aspects of the projects, from tokenomics, team activity and fund management to product and roadmap analysis, all conveniently displayed in our crystal clear Gem Value Rating.

The Panopticon Platform: Seeing 360*

Our reports will be integrated into the soon to trialed platform, which will allow users to aggregate all their most important data, incorporating our partner DEXTools,a risk calculator and a private community chatroom and token voting system for Premier Plan users. We can’t wait for investors to see the beta of this dApp we have planned, stay tuned.

Optimising the FERA Token

We are pleased to announce that we can confirm that staking will be an option for committed investors, initially in a separate wallet and then via the dApp. Revenue has already been discussed and numbers are being finalised as we speak.

Feel free to ask us any questions in the chatroom and expect more updates this week!

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